Monday, November 12, 2012

Insanity: Day 1 (And Other News)

I've been putting off starting Insanity for two weeks now.  I've been scared to death of it.

With good reason.  Holy crap.

I started today with just the FIT TEST.  It's a 25 minute DVD and I am OUT OF SHAPE b/c I am SWEATING LIKE A PIG.  And hurting.  Geez.

I am, of course, planning on sticking with the, well, you know, plan (6 days a week may be a little much but I will do everything I can).....but my overall goal here is to just start feeling better....inside and out.  It took me 4 shirts Saturday night before my birthday dinner out with Chris before I finally just settled on something.  Ugh.  I am TIRED of feeling like that. goes nothing.

In other news.......I am almost done with day 2 of 29.  Last year of my 20s.  I'll discuss more about that later....but I had a very good birthday, including a big Cowboys win!  Yeah!

Also in other news, I now have 2 neices and/ or nephews in heaven.  My poor SIL lost another one - we found out less than 2 weeks after we found out that she was pregnant again that this one had just stopped growing.  It's all so hard to process and wrap your head around.  We are in very similar, very scary, very hard situations - but at the very least, I know what she's going through, and I (to a point) know what she's going through.  I can only pray that it happens for us both SOON!!!  What makes it so much harder is knowing the first one would've been due in about 2 weeks.....but we will all be together for Thanksgiving which hopefully will help.  My heart just breaks - for both of us.

Only 7 work days to get through before 4 days off work - I'm ready for a break - no matter how much of a whirlwind these holiday weekends always are.

Time to go lay down.  On the floor.  Happy November everyone!

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